It is important to distinguish between ephedrine and ephedra. Ephedra, an herbal dietary supplemnet (also called Ma Huang or Ephedra sinica) was banned by FDA in 2004. However, Ephedrine HCl, an over-the-counter drug, is legal for sale in most states for asthma treatment. Ephedrine is one component of the many things found in the herb Ephedra. Ephedrine is listed under the drug name “ephedrine hydrochloride” in the Drug Facts panel of the packaging.

While ephedrine sales are legal in most states, Federal Regulations require CUSTOMERS SUBMIT A COPY OF VALID STATE OR FEDERAL ID with all first time purchases from Get Ephedrine. Your ID is maintained in secure files at the Get Ephedrine offices and is maintained strictly confidential. Your ID will only be accessed by Federal or State agents in the event they wish to verify Get Ephedrine is keeping records as required by Federal Law.

All new customers must FAX, EMAIL, or MAIL us a copy your State Issued Driver’s License, Identification Card, or US Passport showing your name, and your current address, along with the
EPHEDRINE RELEASE FORM which you can download here. We can only ship product to the address on your ID.

DOWNLOAD: Ephedrine Sales Release Form

PURCHASE LIMITS: Must be 18 years of age or older. Law allow purchase of 14 boxes per 30 days.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas (see map below).

Map of Ephedrine Sales Restrictions by State

ephedine sales map

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